Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs: Shish Taouk

Shish Taouk is a traditional chicken kabob best cooked on the grill. This dish - served at nearly every Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant - has a lemony-garlic punch, pairing well with smokey flavors from the grill. I've been perfecting the below recipe for the years. The recipe is easy enough to make at home and doesn't … Continue reading Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs: Shish Taouk

“Crispy Chutney Chicken Bites”

For our poultry competition, I chose to grill "fried" chicken tenders after marinading them in a green chutney overnight. The recipe was previously published. In practice cooks, it came out delicious. The taste-testers (my extended family) loved it. Unfortunately, at  the competition it did poorly. The judges commented it was too cold (I failed in … Continue reading “Crispy Chutney Chicken Bites”