“Crispy Chutney Chicken Bites”

For our poultry competition, I chose to grill "fried" chicken tenders after marinading them in a green chutney overnight. The recipe was previously published. In practice cooks, it came out delicious. The taste-testers (my extended family) loved it. Unfortunately, at  the competition it did poorly. The judges commented it was too cold (I failed in … Continue reading “Crispy Chutney Chicken Bites”

“Kickin’ Jalapeño Chicken!” by Neghae Mawla

Only one competitor brought chicken wings to the competition. Neghae's clever recipe (see below) and his pitmaster skills resulted in tender, juicy wings "with a kick at the end" per the judges. As you'll read below, Neghae owns a multitude of grills and knows how to use them. His meals are outstanding, and I often … Continue reading “Kickin’ Jalapeño Chicken!” by Neghae Mawla

Green Chutney (non) Fried Chicken on the Grill

Looking to improve our smoked (non) fried chicken recipe,  I found an episode of  Ugly Delicious (Netflix) dedicated to fried chicken (episode 5).  Towards the end of this show, David Chang (the host) visits Chef Asha Gomez (author of the My Two Souths cookbook), and she makes her famous Kerala Fried Chicken for him. Given Chang's enthusiastic reaction … Continue reading Green Chutney (non) Fried Chicken on the Grill