The 2018 Great Texan Cookoff by VRIC

VRIC Great Texan Cookoff Brisket Trophy

How many Halal BBQ brisket/ribs competitions have you been to? Not many...because they don't happen very often. So when the Valley Ranch Islamic Center (VRIC) announced their 2nd annual "Great Texan Cookoff," we quickly formed a team to compete. Our team included Neghae, Rehan, Zeeshan, Mubeen, Jawad, Lateef, and myself. Three other teams, Smokey D's … Continue reading The 2018 Great Texan Cookoff by VRIC

2018 “Meat and Greet” for DFW area Halal BBQ Pitmasters

We had a wonderful gathering for Halal BBQ Pitmasters in the DFW area this past weekend. Roughly 10 pitmasters showed up. Mary's Mediterranean Cafe and Grill (Frisco, TX) sponsored and were  kind enough to bring salads, hummus, and grilled chicken. Below are some pics from the event. Not pictured is the tea/chai Mubeen brought, and … Continue reading 2018 “Meat and Greet” for DFW area Halal BBQ Pitmasters

“Crispy Chutney Chicken Bites”

For our poultry competition, I chose to grill "fried" chicken tenders after marinading them in a green chutney overnight. The recipe was previously published. In practice cooks, it came out delicious. The taste-testers (my extended family) loved it. Unfortunately, at  the competition it did poorly. The judges commented it was too cold (I failed in … Continue reading “Crispy Chutney Chicken Bites”

“Lemony Lebanese Chicken” (Djej Mishwe) by Jamil

Djej Mishwe is a traditional Lebanese grilled chicken dish that pairs well with garlic sauce. The acidic marinade in this recipe creates a lemony flavor complimented by the smoky flavor from cooking over charcoal. To create this delicious dish, Jamil modified a recipe from the web ( As part of our ongoing series, below is … Continue reading “Lemony Lebanese Chicken” (Djej Mishwe) by Jamil

“Smokin’ Hot Chicken Sliders” by Shaad Bidiwala

Sliders first gained notoriety in the 1920's when White Castle opened with "Slyders" as their signature item. Although those sliders were made with a square beef patty, onion, and pickle in a bun, sliders now come in many variations. In the recipe below, Shaad shares his variant , combining his love of White Castle with … Continue reading “Smokin’ Hot Chicken Sliders” by Shaad Bidiwala

“Kickin’ Jalapeño Chicken!” by Neghae Mawla

Only one competitor brought chicken wings to the competition. Neghae's clever recipe (see below) and his pitmaster skills resulted in tender, juicy wings "with a kick at the end" per the judges. As you'll read below, Neghae owns a multitude of grills and knows how to use them. His meals are outstanding, and I often … Continue reading “Kickin’ Jalapeño Chicken!” by Neghae Mawla