2019 3rd Annual Pitmaster Competition: “Meat on a Stick”

For more updates and pics, follow us on instagram: @halalbbqpitmasters. This year, teams had to cook skewered meat - hence the "meat on a stick" theme - live on-site. To help expand our efforts, we partnered with the Islamic Center of Frisco, TX, who had an excellent team to help pull this off. The event … Continue reading 2019 3rd Annual Pitmaster Competition: “Meat on a Stick”

Announcing Texas Tandoori Rub!


We are proud to announce our first product, Texas Tandoori, launching today! We used this rub at several grilling events and competitions, including the 2019 Dallas EggFest where we won first place! Available exclusively on halalbbqpitmasters.com. Cost is $9.99 + tax + shipping. The complex flavors of tandoori in a simple rub. Tandoori cooking has … Continue reading Announcing Texas Tandoori Rub!

Healthy spice-rubbed roasted corn (Masala Bhutta)

Spice-rubbed Roasted Corn (Masala Bhutta). See the video at bottom of page. It should help clarify the technique used here. Commonly eaten as street food in India and Pakistan, this "masala bhutta" recipe elevates the flavor of roasted corn by rubbing it with lemon/lime and south asian spices. Credit goes my friend Ferhan who introduced … Continue reading Healthy spice-rubbed roasted corn (Masala Bhutta)

Uyghur (Muslim Chinese) Lamb Skewers

Uyghur Lamb Skewers. In the northwest part of China, the ethnically Uyghur people - who are religiously Muslim - have blended flavors from South Asia, the Middle East, and other regions of China. The below recipe (adapted from several recipes found online including this excellent one) results in a savory and spicy lamb that leaves … Continue reading Uyghur (Muslim Chinese) Lamb Skewers

Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs: Shish Taouk

Shish Taouk is a traditional chicken kabob best cooked on the grill. This dish - served at nearly every Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant - has a lemony-garlic punch, pairing well with smokey flavors from the grill. I've been perfecting the below recipe for the years. The recipe is easy enough to make at home and doesn't … Continue reading Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs: Shish Taouk

Tandoori Thanksgiving Turkey

Tandoori turkey leg

Tandoori Turkey Breasts and Legs This is the third turkey recipe we tried this past Thanksgiving holiday. This one comes from our Tandoori Chicken Tikka recipe and includes a lemon-garlic butter baste similar to our other turkey recipe.   Ingredients: 1 turkey breast (bone-in and skin-on) and 2 legs/drumsticks1/2 packet of Shan Tandoori Masala1/2 packet of Shan Chicken … Continue reading Tandoori Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Breasts: Lemon-Garlic Butter Basted

Lemon-Garlic Butter Basted Turkey Breasts (and Legs). This was the 2nd of three turkey breast recipes we tried this past thanksgiving. This was a more traditional turkey recipe, basting throughout the cook with a lemon-garlic butter mixture. Ingredients 1 bone-in skin-on turkey breast and 2 legs (optional)1 tspn Morton’s Kosher salt per pound of turkey … Continue reading Thanksgiving Turkey Breasts: Lemon-Garlic Butter Basted