The internet is full of grilling and BBQ’ing websites, Facebook groups, and recipes. However, many of the sites have an abundance of pork recipes and likely don’t appreciate the limitations for us who eat halal meat.

My friends and I are amateur outdoor cooks who enjoy grilling and BBQ’ing all kinds of meats (except pork, of course) and vegetables. Thanks to an increasing prevalence of halal stores in the United States, we now have access to high quality meat (e.g. packer briskets, racks of beef ribs, and prime-grade steaks).

In this blog, we share our experiences – both successes and failures – with the hopes of fostering a cross-cultural community. This blog showcases the Muslim world’s love to grill and BBQ by combining recipes from Muslim countries with modern techniques and dishes.

“Eat together and not separately, for the blessing is associated with the company. — the Prophet (pbuh)