Tandoori Naan; Take #2.

I replaced the cracked base of my XL Big Green Egg (BGE), similar to Zahid. So, I also decided to try mimicking a tandoor to make naan on the inside wall while it was still clean. Read about his experience here. I went by his naan recipe, found here.

I used the Kick Ash Basket for the large BGE inside my XL. The smaller size basket allowed me some distance and protection from the hot lump.

After getting the BGE to 500 degrees, I attempted to place the naan. Like Zahid, I also had problems getting it to stick. Some recommended sprinkling water on the dough, but that didn’t seem to help. Furthermore, once it stuck, I couldn’t get it all off – a problem he faced as well.

Here are the highlights/bloopers:

Ultimately, like him, I made them on the inverted ceramic platesetter of my small BGE. I had this ready as a backup. With the small BGE at 500 degrees, they took 1-2 minutes per side. They came out exactly as I wanted.

Two failed attempts at tandoori naan.

But, delicious naan can be made on the BGE or any Kamado. You just need to do it on your platesetter – the easiest and best way to do it.

3 thoughts on “Tandoori Naan; Take #2.

  1. Have you noticed how they slap a naan inside a tandoor? They use a small pillow to do that. You can certainly not stick the naan using just your fingers.
    Also i wonder why you did not try sticking the naan inside the lid.


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