Gola Kebab (Karachi style)



Gola Kebab is a very delicious Kabob made of Minced beef and round shaped (hand grenade). Don’t confuse this with meatballs. Recipe for meatballs and taste is completely different. Some people refer this as Dhaga Kabab as well (meaning Kabob with thread), main difference between the two is the thread, which is used to peal the kabob from the skewer.

Below is the recipe.

Regular beef mince/ground (not lean), also known as Keema

Green pepper 

Cilantro mint 

Ginger and garlic 

Raw onion, sliced almost like powder

Raw papaya


Hara (or Garam) masala

Mince all above ingredients and mix it with Keema

Add salt, crushed pepper & hara masala. You can substitute with Garam masala as well.

Leave it overnight in the fridge. Make small balls and grill :))

Grill on a flat surface or put it on top of a foil in the grill. This will further retain the flavor.

Gola Kabab is one of the hit Bbq item liked and prepared in feasts in Pakistan. Best served with paratha and onions/salad. even in wedding’s ceremony its included very much with parathas.


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