Brief Book Review: “Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades” by Steven Raichlen

I’ve been a fan of Steven Raichlen since I first saw him on PBS in a show called “Primal Grill.”  So when I saw this book on sale for $1.99 (kindle version), I jumped at the chance to start reading his work.

The book includes a comprehensive recipe collection of seasonings, rubs, marinades, wet rubs, spice pastes, cures, brines, bastes, mops, butters, finishing sauces, glazes, flavored oils, vinaigrettes, after-marinades, hot sauces, salsas, relishes, sambals, chutneys, pickles, slaws, and of course barbecue sauces.


  • Recipes are versatile – most can be used on poultry and red meat and seafood.
  • Ethnically/racially diverse collection – plenty of recipes from India, Morocco, Turkey, European countries, and of course the USA.
  • Includes “definition” and “tools of the trade” sections. These have value to nearly any pitmaster, especially beginners – and even seasoned veterans can learn something new.


  • Recipes are complicated, with multiple steps and ingredients that may only be available in specialty stores

I’ve made some of the Tandoori rubs/marinades. See my experience with Green Tandoori Spice Paste from this book.



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